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Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering

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ASBE identifies and reduces spinal distortion through the rehabilitation of normal muscle tissue, restores the normal physiologic dynamics of the spine, and treats within the natural parameters of the individual patient (bilateral symmetrical function is secondary to static non-dynamic gravitational dependent equilibrium).

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ASBE utilizes very low radiation dosage static and dynamic spinal radiographs to help with objective pre-treatment and post-treatment diagnostic rational for the reduction of vertebral subluxations, abnormal anatomic relationships to strengthen intrinsic muscle tone and precisely address pathoreactive spinal biomechanical instability. One goal is to establish objective rational for reconstructive chiropractic treatment.

ASBE is a dependable and proven effective procedure in improving patientís posture that can be added to your current adjusting protocol.

ASBE starts the analysis with the static weight bearing x-ray views.

Then adds intersegmental bilateral lateral flexion biomechanical analysis.

Further intersegmental motion analysis may be necessary depending if abnormal motion is detected on the lateral flexion views.